Business Intelligence

A modern day enterprise needs to be innovative to survive in a highly competitive environment. There is a need to understand the business dynamics and take business decisions that make an impact in the short term and long term. Double digit growth is top most in the mind of most of the CEOs. As shareholder pressure increases to achieve desired growth, the companies must look inwards to understand the real nature of business, understand bottlenecks for business growth and keep looking for innovation to drive business growth.

Modern enterprises have invested heavily into Information Technology systems including Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management Systems, Risk and Compliance Systems etc. This is raw operational data that has to be analyzed to derive meaningful information for effective business decisions.

Clomosoft Technologies, provides the capabilities to the organizations to effectively identify, implement and operationalize a Business Intelligence solution that provides the management a 360 degree view of the organization. The solutions that we provide to our customers help them understand their business dynamics, operational capabilities, and provide them the information needed to make real time decisions. Not only does the senior management have information at the click of a button, but this information can be sliced-and-diced to analyze and take business decisions. The operational managers also have access to real time decisions which helps them make decisions quickly and backed by data.

We have partnered with a number of Business Analytics solution providers such as Microsoft, Tibco and Tableau * to implement their solution.

Click here(pdf format) to learn how a Financial Services firm used the services  to implement a comprehensive Business Analytics solution.

Click here(pdf format) to learn how a Embedded automation company in India adopted Microsoft BI solution to monitor and track their projects and generate Financial Intelligence

* Some of these partnerships are currently being signed up. These are mentioned here to provide an indication of our focus area.